Needle Thrust Bearing – The Perfect Solution for High Axial Loads

needle thrust bearing
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When you look into metal parts of automobiles what you will notice is that they are made up of so many elements. One of the most important elements to be placed in them is the bearing. It is required in order to reduce the friction that arises when one metal part move against the other to carry out a task. Bearings are available in various designs and size and the type of bearing selected depends on its load capacity and design.

Tapered Roller Bearing

Another very important type of bearing is the tapered variety. What is unique about it is its design which is tapered. The taper roller bearing design offers many advantages. This tapering look is seen in both the inner and outer raceway as well as rollers. In other bearings what you will see is an outer ring and an inner ring, but in tapered bearing what is seen is a cup in place of the outer ring and a cone in place of the inner ring.

This type of bearing is capable of taking on both radial and axial loads. In fact, their ability to take on combined loads outweighs what is seen in spherical, needle and cylindrical roller bearings. These types of bearings are capable of managing high loads and they are best implemented in applications that have high load demands.

They are reliable and durable, hence they will show consistent performance time and again, no matter how strenuous the situation. These bearings can manage the most challenging and extreme of environmental conditions and work without exhibiting any distress or problems.

You will find taper roller bearing coming with single or double row of rollers. These bearings are available in many sizes and designs, so you should look into the needle bearing catalog to find out what is most appropriate for your needs.

About Needle Thrust Bearings and Their Benefits

One of the most interesting bearing varieties are the needle thrust bearing. They are most suitable in environments where there is the need for taking on high axial loads. The structure of this type of bearing is essentially a machined cage which has rollers inside it.

The cage is paired with thrust washers which form the raceways for the rollers. They are most suitable in situations that demand high accuracy at high speed which is influenced by fluctuating heavy loads as seen in the working of high pressure pumps.

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