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PG Diploma in HR

The department of HR is an essential component used to oversee policies and systems of an organisation. As far as personnel management is concerned, the HR executive takes into account several types of components that would help the organisation reach their goals with the help of employee.

If you have opted for PG diploma in HR then your roles and responsibilities fall into the following sub-categories:

  • Overseeing employee benefits: The foremost function of HR department correlates to see that employees attain different types of advantages that go beyond their salary or wages. These benefits include housing, group insurance policies, retirement allowance, maternity allowance, leave allowance, conveyance and security allowance. All of these constitute a part of the packages provided to the employee by the organisation and has to be overseen by the HR executive.
  • Staffing: Post Graduation diploma in HR makes you understand all about staffing that means the curriculum teaches you about recruitment procedure. PG diploma in Human Resourse is an essential course that can help you learn all about this function in totality. It starts right from short-listing the candidates profile on different portals to speaking with them and understanding their profile then scheduling appointment with an appropriate manager to negotiating the salary package once selected.
  • Training and development: Diploma in HR helps you attain knowledge about training and development. The way you train your employees and teach them about the systems followed in an organisation is a skill that you need to acquire. As a student of diploma in Human Resourse you would get to learn a lot from the institution which would be required in your present station of work.
  • Appraisal and rewards: Hard work should always be rewarded by an organisation. As an HR you are responsible for carrying out this duty. The appraisal percentage may be decided by managers of respective areas but you are the one who would be giving out forms and letters of performance appraisal and rewarding them in the right manner for their effort. PG diploma in HR acquaints you about the kind of activities that you would have to perform during the procedure of performance appraisals and teach you all about revised salary components.

There are many tasks that you would have to learn about when you enrol for the course of post graduation but all of these curriculum practised would be beneficial for you in future and help you acquire excellence before you get employed as a HR executive.

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