Working Procedures of 3D Printing In India

3D Printing In India

3D printing is a wonderful boon of latest technology that is successfully used in many industries for manufacturing different kinds of items. Initially, this technique was used to manufacture prototypes of various new objects. Now 3D printers are applied in large scales for actually manufacturing different kinds of things in more accurate way.

It is easier to materialize the wildest imagination now due to the possibility of making anything through this additive printing procedure of 3D technology.

Significant steps to be followed for starting 3D printing in India

  • Firstly, a 3D model of the item to be printed is created on the computer, by using a specific 3D modeling software called Computer Aided Design (CAD). The 3D scanner may also be used to scan that material and create the 3D model with any useful software available on the internet.
  • Next, the 3D design is imported to Cura or any other open source printing software to take the 3D printout of that computerized model. Here, this 3D model is turned into a gcode file, which will be later fashioned into the real object by the use of 3D printing in India.
  • The gcode file is saved into a special memory card that can be inserted inside the portable 3D printer and the ‘Print’ button is pressed to start the actual additive procedure of 3D printing.
  • As per the procedure of 3D printing technology in India, several thin layers of the chosen material are added together. There are plastic filaments that should be introduced into the feeder of the 3D printer through the desktop computer. When these filaments start melting on the printing head, the manufacturing material is forced out in the form of thin layers to create the desired object, as per the stored 3D design.

Numerous uses of 3D printing technology in India

3D printing is successfully used for creating several customized products, like orthotics as per the needs of the users. This amazing technology is used in fashion industry for making jewelries and other attractive accessories that are highly popular among the masses. Now 3D printing in India is utilized for making innovative varieties of furniture and electronic items, with the faster manufacture of accurate prototypes by the engineers. The 3D printing lowers the manufacturing costs of all items due to the simplicity of the procedure and affordable prices of the 3D printers and scanners.

So, now 3D printing is rapidly used in various commercial fields as well as in education and printing sectors for the fruitfulness of this easy technological process.

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