Job Options in Modern Digital Marketing Companies

The growth of the internet as a major medium of communication has created a great scope for youngsters. If you have an interest in marketing and are techy savvy then digital marketing is an ideal career option for you. But before opting for a career in this field, you need to have a clear perception about the different job profiles which are available in digital marketing firms. Some of the common options available with digital marketing firms are discussed below:-

Digital Marketing Manager

You need to have at least 5 years of experience to be a digital marketing manager. Professional certifications will make the hiring process easier for you. The demand for highly skilled digital marketing managers is quite high and companies are always on the lookout for promising talents. The responsibility of the digital marketing manager is to handle the workings of the digital marketing team and report to the company’s Vice President of Marketing. He is responsible for mixing the different digital marketing components and making them highly effective.

Social Media Expert

digital marketing companies in India
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There are two major areas of social media. One of these areas deals with sharing of content across social networking sites. Running paid ads on these platforms requires a high level of expertise and knowhow. For instance, running Facebook ads is one of the major challenges these days. Apart from the existence of new targeting options, new features are coming up on a daily basis. Therefore, there is a growing demand for social media experts in digital marketing companies in India.

SEO Executive

Google AdWords campaign
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Rather than spending a large sum of money on a Google AdWords campaign, a company can acquire free traffic from Google. Ensuring this is the primary responsibility of an SEO executive. The main responsibility of an SEO executive is to perform keyword research, get the pages indexed, optimize user experience, manipulate duplicate content and utilize webmaster tools. Prior experience of working in a digital marketing company can make you more hirable.

The skills which every company looks for in an SEO executive is the usage of the latest SEO tools available. For instance, is one of the most effective SEO tools. There are numerous other tools which an SEO executive needs to have a good knowledge of to improve the performance of a website in search engines. Within a digital marketing services agency in India, an SEO executive reports to the digital marketing manager.

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