Everything That You Must Know About Optometry Course

Gone are the days when people used to talk about engineering and medical courses only. Now, there are various types of courses along with the best facilities available in different type of top listed colleges. You can find a huge number of options available for your desired course. Talking about the same, in this post we are going to highlight one of the most future securing course which is optometry courses. Optometrists deal with the eye problem. This is a lucrative career option and after doing this course, you can also work independently as an optometric consultant.

Who Can Apply For Optometry Courses?

The one who dreams to be an optometrist, should have completed the Optometry courses. One of them is Bachelor’s degree in optometry which is also known as B.Optom. This course is a four years long course, including one year of internship. To get admission in B.Optom, one must have completed senior secondary with minimum 50% marks in science stream. Apart from that, you may need to secure good marks on the entrance exams conducted by several reputed institutes, and they can also conduct some viva session for the admission to these optometry courses.

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What Are The Job Opportunities One Can Get After Optometry Course?

The one who has completed B.Optom with good marks can get a government job in the same field with a good salary package. There are plenty of options such as you can pursue for higher education to get better opportunities, or apply for PhD to become the lecturer at the universities and top colleges Apart from that, you can also practice independently and you can work as an optometry consultatnt.

Various Options In Optometry Courses –

If you want to get enrolled in Optometry courses, there are a large number of options available for you. You can either go for short term courses such as Contact Lens Fitting Course, Certificate Course in Optical Sales, Ophthalmic Optics Course, Optical Counter Management, Certificate in Ophthalmic Techniques and Sight Testing Course or you can go for the diploma courses such as BSS Diploma in Optometry, Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques, Optician and Refractionist Course, Diploma in Optometry and Diploma in Ophthalmology.

Not only this there are some of the undergraduate courses such as B.Sc. Optometry, B.Sc. Ophthalmic Techniques and Bachelors Degree in Optometry are also available there. You can get yourself enrolled in any of these courses and complete your undergraduate level on this field..

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