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If you own a business and need help to do your day-to-day work, then you can hire the services of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can offer professionals services to you. As you delegate the work to the virtual assistant you get time for other key tasks. This way you can concentrate on the important points in your business. A virtual assistant is a perfect partner who can help you with your daily work.

Virtual Assistant Companies
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Virtual assistant are independent workers and can be hired from virtual assistant companies. The companies offer the equipment to the virtual assistants. They can work form their home or their office. They are under the company’s management. The modes of communication include email, internet, phone conferences and online work space.

Different plans for hiring

The top virtual assistant companies offer different types of plans to meet the different requirements of the clients. The plans are as follows

Plan 1
This plan offers the virtual assistant who works on irregular basis. This type of services may be required by busy professionals who may want to outsource daily tasks. The plan offers 20 hours per month of work by the virtual assistant.

Plan 2
This plan is for small business owners who have some limited daily work to do. They may not have the time for such work and can delegate it to the virtual assistant. This plan offers 40 hours per month of input from the virtual assistant.

Plan 3
This plan is best for working entrepreneurs and start-ups. They may be looking towards adding support for their staff and reduce the workload. This plan offers 80 hours per month of work from the virtual assistant.

Plan 4
This plan is for business owners who need help for multiple tasks. High volume of work may be required to be done. This plan offers 160 hours of work per month form the virtual assistant to the client.

All the plans have different rates per hour. All the plans include some hours of free trial. If you are unsure of the services of a virtual assistant, you can go for the trail run. You just have to select the right plan and send your task list to get your work done. You can then review and hire. The unused hours rollover.

The best virtual assistant companies have plans which include multi task virtual assistant, direct communication to virtual assistant, back up virtual assistant, daily tasks log update, no account setup fees, every task is reviews by leads, weekly feedback, monthly review by manager.

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