International Business Management through inter-cultural lens

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Race, gender, caste, creed, class and culture: few demographics that divide humankind to create social categorisation. However, Globalisation creates a world without borders, where cultural differences fade away, strung together by intersectional economies. Post Graduate Diploma Management (PGDM) degree in International Business is one that aspires to percolate comprehension and application of International Businesses Management into aspiring students through numerous ways:

  • Why study an International Business course? Those who seek to obtain a deep understanding of how international and global markets, and economies function together, an International Business course would be ideal for you. Various institutes encourage students to learn and become fluent in a foreign language for the sake of managing business abroad. Moreover, those who enjoy travelling, a good International Business course will be ideal for you to pursue your work while exploring different countries, cities and cultures.

In increasingly global world economies, the demand for businesspersons who comprehend international and global business in-depth, has shot up massively. Thus, an efficient and trained professional in International business would have very enticing prospects awaiting them in the field. Skills acquired from studying PGDM or Diploma in International Business course are highly sought after by international employers who may offer graduates elite positions in their firms.

  • Broad range of skills: International business courses can capacitate aspiring graduates to effectively pursue and excel in positions across:
    i. Public
    ii. Private
    iii. Non-profit
    iv. Specialised businesses
    v. International agencies
    vi. The government, and many more.

Quotidian tasks would involve indulging in and understanding international trade, global business operations and planning, industrial development etc.

  • International business courses’ interaction with other majors: International business courses embrace a diverse array of other majors like-
    i. Law
    ii. Public Policy
    iii. Finance
    iv. Marketing
    v. Accounting
    vi. International business ethics- practical work of a theoretical field
    vii. General and overall management, etc.
  • Holistic curriculum and practical slant to teaching: The International Business Management course modules capacitate young graduates to make pragmatic utilisation of theoretical learning while focusing on analytical and practical skills. This enables graduates to work efficiently in Multinational Companies and firms.
  • The correct approach to studying International Business Management: International Business courses at PGDM level must not limit students to classrooms and must make frequent, visits to prominent government, industrial and corporate organisations along with talks and discourses by business and policy experts and cultural immersion activities enhance the experience to a magnanimous extent.

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