Role of digital marketing in Modern Business Scenario

Digital marketing is a wide term which enables you to market to promote products and services using digital technologies, mainly internet. It is quite clear that internet users are immensely increasing on a gradual basis. Internet has rapidly become an inseparable part of our day to day life and we can even think without it. Here are some details in which digital marketing plays with modern business scenario:-


All products and brands are impacted by competition. Each product has a uniqueness of its own and each brand is related to a specific niche. So, the choices for consumers have increased phenomenally which causes a lot of brand loyalty. Because of the reduction in brand loyalty, customers can be lost because competition is quite faster than it was earlier.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
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The way in which to deal to fight with competition offer better products and build better process in a way that the customer is highly satisfied and sticks with your product or brand. The customer is highly satisfied and sticks with your product or brand. So, as you stand head and shoulders against competition, the significance of marketing is increasing.

Use of word of mouth in the internet

Because of the advent and large scale usage of internet, customers are aware about your product in detail before entering a store. Moreover, there is a lot of reference selling in which a buyer purchases a product after being recommended it. For instance, if 5 of yours friends recommend that a movie is really good, you will definitely check out the movie as quickly as possible.

So, internet marketing and digital campaigns have become a vital part of digital marketing strategy. If a business is providing services, than they will need to have higher budget for internet marketing since their potential consumers use Google to look for services or through online classifieds today rather than recalling outdoor media or TV ads. In India, Justdial is a great example of how consumers are looking for products and services online.

Decision making of the consumer

Since there already is a high level of competition in the market and the usage of internet as a powerful medium like internet, there is too much noise for a consumer to make a wise decision. Therefore, the main focus at present is on the whole marketing mix as well as on unique manufacturing products.

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