Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Wedding To Make Brides Attractive

Generally, every bride wants to look best in her wedding, as it is a very special day for her. So her family members take particular care to choose her bridal dress, bridal makeup and hairstyle that will suit most to her appearance and will make her the center of attraction during the wedding ceremony.

As most of the Indian women are blessed with long hairs, the brides need to select a fashionable hairstyle that will match with her total bridal getup. Her hairstyle should also be appreciated by the wedding guests, who are now mostly invited by the online Indian wedding invitations.

Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

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Most popular bridal hairstyles preferred in the Indian weddings

  • Generally, a long and thick braid is neatly created for the brides having very long hairs and then this braid is well adorned with flower garlands or various golden or silver hair accessories available in the market. Traditionally, the hair is parted in the middle of the head, to enable the use of Maang Tikka, an ornament that is preferred by most of the brides.
  • Another traditional hairstyle of Indian wedding is to make a large bun with several thin braids and cute curls of the hairs. This bun can then be decorated with tiny crystals or other bright decorations attached to the hairpins. Usually, a flower garland is wrapped around the bun, to glorify the beauty of the hairstyle.
  • If the bride has got shorter hair, she can simply let it flow down at a side of her face and put in some gorgeous fancy clips at the sides to keep the hair in place. Then she may also clip a small garland at the backside of the head, like a hair band and finally cover the head with a nicely ornamented veil.
  • The bride may not like the traditional styles of braids or bun; in that case the brides can simply use a bouffant to look more stylish and let the rest of the hair flow down elegantly. This hairstyle can be followed by the girls having either thick or thin hair, then adorned with Maang tikka.
  • The South Indian brides use flower garlands lavishly, made of various kinds of sweet scented flowers, like jasmine or roses. These flowers are added either around the buns or placed around the hairs like a braid.
  • The modern brides also prefer their hairs to be styled in short free-flowing locks around the face, to make the appearance of the bride softer and more feminine. These curly locks can be adorned with large flowers placed on one side of the head, while pushing the hair to the other side for keeping balance. But the type of the flower is chosen according to the texture and the length of the hair of the bride.

It is best to hire a professional hair stylist for the bridal hairstyle in a wedding, as these experts will have the best ideas to create amazing effects to the hairs of the brides that will suit her face and her bridal dress.

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