Basic Syllabus Of The Spoken English Training Curriculum

The fluency in spoken English is very essential for every person in modern world, as English is a global language that is widely spoken and even written in the government documents of most of the countries. Therefore, lots of people feel inclined to learn spoken English for the various benefits in their career and daily life.

Now there are lots of good institutions imparting spoken English speaking training to their enrolled students and make them fluent in English, by the time they complete this course.

Main lessons covered in the classes of spoken English courses

Spoken English Training

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Generally, most of the spoken English courses continue for 15 – 20 classes and each class lingers for maximum 40 to 45 minutes.

  • The first class is generally devoted to teach the basics of English grammar, starting with the parts of speech. The students are taught to introduce themselves in English and discuss the topic in the same language, as far as possible. Some simple nouns, like the days of the week in English are practiced.
  • The grammatical exercises on verbs and tenses are taught and practiced in the second class, to help in making the basic structures of the English sentences.
  • The knowledge in English vocabulary is increased from the third class, by teaching new English words with their meanings in the local vernacular language. The students are also taught the English names of the common fruits or vegetables.
  • Likewise in the next classes, the students are taught the names of various animals and birds in English. They are encouraged to discuss on various everyday topics in English, just to increase their fluency in conversational English.
  • In the later classes, the students are asked to tell short stories in English, which they may read in class or known previously in their vernacular language. They are also asked to translate a few sentences from the local language to English, to check their understanding of the language.
  • As the English vocabulary of the students is increased in every class of the spoken English course, their grammatical knowledge is also improved and they are asked to read comprehension passages from their textbooks, to correct their English pronunciations.
  • By the time a spoken English course ends, the students become highly proficient in reading, writing and most importantly, in speaking fluent English. There are many online courses available for the busy people, who can simply buy the course materials and learn spoken English through online voice chat and messaging facilities. But the students need to practice speaking English regularly, even after the end of the courses. They need to continue enriching their English vocabulary knowledge and this is certainly a long-term process. They may also keep a pocket dictionary with them, if they are still not very confident of knowing all the English words correctly.

So now it has become much easier for people to learn spoken English and communicate with others easily in this foreign language. They can also enjoy the foreign movies with English subtitles and even enjoy the English channels on TV.

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