A Summary To Help A Layman Understand What Is Ppc

Google AdWords

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The use of paid ads has become quite common among businesses these days. But for any newbie, understanding the usability of pay per click advertising is essential. Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model which is utilized to direct traffic to websites. It is in these websites that an advertiser pays a publisher (usually a website owner or network of websites) in which ad is clicked. In this article, you will come to know about what PPC is really all about:-

What is Google AdWords?

  • Google AdWords is one of the most famous PPC advertising system in the world. The AdWords platform allows businesses for creating ads to appear to Google’s search engine and other properties on Google.
  • AdWords functions on a PPC model in which users bid on keywords. They pay for each click on their ads. Each time a search is started, Google takes a clear view of the pool of advertisers on AdWords. They then select an advertiser to appear in valuable space on its search results page.
  • It selects the winners who are selected based on a number of factors, including quality and relevance on their keyword as well as ad campaigns. The size of keyword bids are also taken into consideration.
  • To be specific, people who appear on the page on and advertiser’s Ad Rank, a metric is computed by multiplying two key factors. This includes CPC Bid (the highest amount which an advertiser is willing to invest) and Quality Score (a value which considers your click-through rate, relevance and landing page quality).
  • This system enables winning advertisers to reach potential buyers at a cost which is suitable for their budget. It is a type of auction.


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PPC based keyword research

  • So have you been able to figure out what is PPC? Keyword research takes a lot of time and is highly essential.
  • Your whole PPC campaign is centered around keywords and highest AdWords advertisers tends to grow on a daily basis and filter their PPC keyword list.
  • Once you have performed a keyword research, when you set up your first campaign, you are likely to miss out on innumerable, long-tail, low-cost and relevant keywords. These keywords can help you drive traffic to your site.
  • An inclusive PPC keyword list will include relevance, exhaustive and extensive. As an advertiser, you won’t be paying web traffic which is not at all related to your business. You will find targeted keywords, which will be closed related to the offerings which you sell.
  • Your keyword research should include not the most popular and frequently searched terms in your niche. It will also include long tail of search. Long-tail keywords are more specific but are less common. But they are added up to the account of a lion’s share of search-driven traffic. Moreover, they are less competitive and so they are less affordable.
  • PPC has to be done periodically. You will need to refine and expand your own campaigns and create an environment in which your keyword list is growing consistently and adapting.

Life Insurance Policy Plans

Life Insurance Plans

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A life insurance policy plan is basically a contract made between a person and an insurance company. The person is entitled to pay premium payments and in exchange to that, the insurance company provides a specific amount known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the insured’s death. An insurance company delivers lump-sum money to the person’s family in case of an unfortunate death of the recipient. However, it is important to note that contacts which include death benefit plans in all types of life insurance are generally income tax-free.

There are multiple varieties of life insurance policies. The most common Life Insurance Plans are discussed below.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is a type of an insurance plan that aims in providing financial protection to a person for a specific period of time, such as 10 to 20 years. The premium payment amount stays the same for the maximum coverage period that a person selects. In case the policy reaches its maturity, it can still be continued for coverage but this happens usually at a considerably higher premium payment rate. Term life insurance is usually less expensive than permanent life insurance and is also a pure protection life insurance plan.

Continuing the coverage of Term Life Insurance plan, can be used to replace lost potential income during working years. This can also provide a security net for a person’s beneficiaries. Also, it can help to ensure that the family’s financial goals can still be met—goals like paying off a loan, keeping a business running, and paying for education.

Although Term life insurance can be used to replace lost potential income, life insurance benefits are paid at one time in a lump sum amount and not in regular payments like paychecks.

Universal life insurance

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Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance that targets to provide to a person, lifetime of coverage. Universal life insurance policies are flexible and manageable. It allows a person to raise or lower their premium payment or coverage amounts throughout their lifetime. Universal life insurance on an average has higher premium payments than Term life insurance since it provides lifetime coverage to the recipient.

Universal life insurance is generally used in order to have a flexible estate planning strategy to preserve wealth to be transferred to beneficiaries. This type of insurance can also be used in long term income replacement, where the need ranges beyond working years. Few Universal life insurance policies focus on providing both death benefit coverage, building cash value and in providing guaranteed death benefit coverage.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance that focuses on to provide lifetime coverage to a person. Since this insurance policy too provides lifetime coverage period, it usually has higher premium payments.Here, the Policy premium payments are fixed and have a cash value. This functions as a savings component and may accumulate tax-deferred in the duration of time.

Similar to Universal Life Insurance Plans, Whole life insurance can also be used as an estate planning tool to help preserve the wealth that a person plans to transfer to their beneficiaries.


Basic Syllabus Of The Spoken English Training Curriculum

The fluency in spoken English is very essential for every person in modern world, as English is a global language that is widely spoken and even written in the government documents of most of the countries. Therefore, lots of people feel inclined to learn spoken English for the various benefits in their career and daily life.

Now there are lots of good institutions imparting spoken English speaking training to their enrolled students and make them fluent in English, by the time they complete this course.

Main lessons covered in the classes of spoken English courses

Spoken English Training

Spoken English Training | Image Resource : clccalicut.com

Generally, most of the spoken English courses continue for 15 – 20 classes and each class lingers for maximum 40 to 45 minutes.

  • The first class is generally devoted to teach the basics of English grammar, starting with the parts of speech. The students are taught to introduce themselves in English and discuss the topic in the same language, as far as possible. Some simple nouns, like the days of the week in English are practiced.
  • The grammatical exercises on verbs and tenses are taught and practiced in the second class, to help in making the basic structures of the English sentences.
  • The knowledge in English vocabulary is increased from the third class, by teaching new English words with their meanings in the local vernacular language. The students are also taught the English names of the common fruits or vegetables.
  • Likewise in the next classes, the students are taught the names of various animals and birds in English. They are encouraged to discuss on various everyday topics in English, just to increase their fluency in conversational English.
  • In the later classes, the students are asked to tell short stories in English, which they may read in class or known previously in their vernacular language. They are also asked to translate a few sentences from the local language to English, to check their understanding of the language.
  • As the English vocabulary of the students is increased in every class of the spoken English course, their grammatical knowledge is also improved and they are asked to read comprehension passages from their textbooks, to correct their English pronunciations.
  • By the time a spoken English course ends, the students become highly proficient in reading, writing and most importantly, in speaking fluent English. There are many online courses available for the busy people, who can simply buy the course materials and learn spoken English through online voice chat and messaging facilities. But the students need to practice speaking English regularly, even after the end of the courses. They need to continue enriching their English vocabulary knowledge and this is certainly a long-term process. They may also keep a pocket dictionary with them, if they are still not very confident of knowing all the English words correctly.

So now it has become much easier for people to learn spoken English and communicate with others easily in this foreign language. They can also enjoy the foreign movies with English subtitles and even enjoy the English channels on TV.

Revolutionised Changes Caused By Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles

In the last few decades, nanotechnology has been emerging as the important part in almost every sector. There are various developments seen in this field and is being used in almost every sector. From food to clothing, from industries to handmade products; every field is using the nanoparticles for some or the other processes. Gold nanoparticles are used for many purposes and are extensively demanded these days which has increased its production tremendously.

There are various factors and processes which help in the synthesis of gold nanoparticles. The properties of gold completely changes as soon as it is converted to a nanoparticle. There are several processes both industrial and eco friendly which are used for the synthesis of gold NP. You can easily contact the gold nanoparticles seller to acquire the best material at reasonable rate.

Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles

Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles | Image Resource : education.mrsec.wisc.edu

Industrial processes involved in gold nanoparticles synthesis

Industrial as the name suggests involves various chemicals and acidic solutions with the gold metal as the sole component. Here are few industrial processes through which gold NP can synthesise.

  • Citrate synthesis: in this process, there is constant heating of tri-sodium citrate di-hydrate. There is colloidal suspension caused which can be detected through laser beams and the formation of red to purple coloured gold nanoparticles which can be easily detected. It is the common process which industries use for the synthesis of gold NP.
  • Colloidal suspension: in this process different chemicals are reduced to gold nanoparticles and mainly size, shape and quality of it is enhanced. The suspension is actually measured using laser beam. The light is kept away from the direct eyes so that there is no any harm.

The reduction method is mainly chosen in order to provide particular shape and size to the nanoparticles. The green synthesis is also involved in it which makes the process quite eco friendly. Through graphic representation, the changes are observed in the particles.

Reasons for synthesis of gold nanoparticles

As said earlier, there are distinct fields which demand the nanoparticles. The main reason for using nanotechnology is that being smaller particles of limited dimensions, it is easy to use. It provides vast changes to the product and enhances its quality to much extent. In the textile industries, the gold nanopartilces are used for killing the unwanted odour arising from the fabric.

In the textile field, it is used as colorant in the production of high quality fabric. When applications are reviewed, you will please to see the synthesis process. As the usage and application of such nanoparticles are wide, synthesis is taking place at large scale. Several metals are now converted into nanoparticles changing the basic properties of the metal completely.

As soon as the metal is converted into nanoparticles, its basic properties change. Thus the new component is unique in appearance with all distinct features in it. The process of synthesis of the nanoparticles is many, and it is used as per the requirement and knowledge of the synthesiser. Know about the various processes and learn its basic factors.

Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Wedding To Make Brides Attractive

Generally, every bride wants to look best in her wedding, as it is a very special day for her. So her family members take particular care to choose her bridal dress, bridal makeup and hairstyle that will suit most to her appearance and will make her the center of attraction during the wedding ceremony.

As most of the Indian women are blessed with long hairs, the brides need to select a fashionable hairstyle that will match with her total bridal getup. Her hairstyle should also be appreciated by the wedding guests, who are now mostly invited by the online Indian wedding invitations.

Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

Bridal Hairstyles For Indian Wedding | Image Resource : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Most popular bridal hairstyles preferred in the Indian weddings

  • Generally, a long and thick braid is neatly created for the brides having very long hairs and then this braid is well adorned with flower garlands or various golden or silver hair accessories available in the market. Traditionally, the hair is parted in the middle of the head, to enable the use of Maang Tikka, an ornament that is preferred by most of the brides.
  • Another traditional hairstyle of Indian wedding is to make a large bun with several thin braids and cute curls of the hairs. This bun can then be decorated with tiny crystals or other bright decorations attached to the hairpins. Usually, a flower garland is wrapped around the bun, to glorify the beauty of the hairstyle.
  • If the bride has got shorter hair, she can simply let it flow down at a side of her face and put in some gorgeous fancy clips at the sides to keep the hair in place. Then she may also clip a small garland at the backside of the head, like a hair band and finally cover the head with a nicely ornamented veil.
  • The bride may not like the traditional styles of braids or bun; in that case the brides can simply use a bouffant to look more stylish and let the rest of the hair flow down elegantly. This hairstyle can be followed by the girls having either thick or thin hair, then adorned with Maang tikka.
  • The South Indian brides use flower garlands lavishly, made of various kinds of sweet scented flowers, like jasmine or roses. These flowers are added either around the buns or placed around the hairs like a braid.
  • The modern brides also prefer their hairs to be styled in short free-flowing locks around the face, to make the appearance of the bride softer and more feminine. These curly locks can be adorned with large flowers placed on one side of the head, while pushing the hair to the other side for keeping balance. But the type of the flower is chosen according to the texture and the length of the hair of the bride.

It is best to hire a professional hair stylist for the bridal hairstyle in a wedding, as these experts will have the best ideas to create amazing effects to the hairs of the brides that will suit her face and her bridal dress.

Some Good Options Among seafood Restaurant In Bangalore

Bangalore is known across India for its highly exciting nightlife. Keeping up with the people’s idea of India’s Garden City, numerous restaurants have come up in recent times. Because of being a cosmopolitan city, Bangalore has numerous restaurants which cater different types of cuisines.

Seafood is an integral part of the diet of many people coming from the coastal regions of India. Some of the best restaurants offering seafood restaurants in Bangalore are mentioned below:-

seafood online

Seafood Online

Mangalore Pearl

  • Located in Pulikeshi Nagar, Mangalore Pearl offers a wide range of delicacies such as prawn biryani, chicken uruval, Kane fry, kokum juice and buttermilk. The prawn biryani is prepared using chilli powder, turmeric, garlic, salt, ginger, garam masala and ½ cup. The prawns are prepared in ½ an hour.
  • Then the oil is heated and sauted before the prawn mixture is highly heated till it is brown. Then the biryani is taken off from heat and mixed with yoghurt, cream, coriander and fried onions. It is this dish which makes Mangalore Pearl one of the best seafood restaurants in the city.

Mahesh Lunch Home

  • Established in 1977, Mangalore Lunch Home is one of the pioneers in making Mangalorean food popular. What makes Mangalorean cuisine unique is the fact that it is heavily influenced by the composite culture of people residing there. The distinct flavours and cooking style make it one of the most popular cuisines from southern India. Following the emerging trends of seafood online, Mahesh Lunch Home experiments with the different recipes of Mangalorean cuisine.
  • These dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients and spices which lend the dishes a unique flavor. The specialties which are available here include Fish Tawa Fry, Butter Pepper Garlic Crab/ Prawn/Lobster and Gassi preparations. These are some of the most popular types of dishes that are offered at Mahesh Lunch Home.

Golden Fried Prawn

Golden Fried Prawn | Image Resource : awesomecuisine

Anupam’s Coast II Coast

  • This is the place where visitors are looking for exotic sea food based cuisines from both India and abroad. From tandoori based fish dishes such as crab tandoori, fish tandoori and prawn tandoori to Golden Fried Prawn, Squid Butter Garlic, Steam Fish and Fish Chilly, there are an assortment of options for people to opt from. Some other types of Rava Fried Silver Fish, Tava Fried Bangada and Chilli Fish for starters. The fishes which are cooked are fresh and crisp. The other popular types of dishes which are served here includes appam and crab ghee roast.

The Fisherman’s Wharf

  • This restaurant offers a wide range of Goan delicacies. If you are fond of Goan cuisine, this is a suitable place for you. Some of the most popular dishes which are offered here includes King Prawn Recheado, Pomfret cooked in butter garlic sauce, spicy Prawn Balchao and classic Goan Prawn Curry cooked in rice. There are a number of Goan dishes such as Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal and Hoan Poi for others also. Goan desserts such as Bebinca can help visitors offer the perfect ending to their main course.