All You Need To Know About Mutual Funds And Their Types

When we think about mutual funds, there are a lot of types to choose. Each type of mutual fund is unique in their own way and it is important to look and choose them. A fund is something that will provide a safety for the capital. The main objective of the funds is to protect the investment from not facing a loss. When you don’t want to face a loss, then any of the mutual funds will help you get rid of loss.

There are few mutual funds that will primarily aim on the growth on equities and they will increase the return on investment. Bond funds will provide to investors a very stable payment. Bond funds are good on regular payments. There are few types of funds:

  1. Actively managed funds
  2. Index funds
  3. Money market funds
  4. Bond funds
  5. Equity funds
  6. Balanced funds
  7. Specialty funds

Actively managed funds for the managers

Actively managed funds are usually managed by a portfolio manager who is doing all the buying and selling stuffs. It will be done on behalf of the investor ad they will try to outperform on the industry. The expense fees are very high for these funds.

Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds

Money market funds for low risk takers

Money market funds are the ones which are more structured in all the types of mutual funds. These try to attempt the bills and all papers. These have very low risk and they have very low return on investments. People who prefer no risk can make use of these funds. Investors who don’t like to take a chance can use these funds. And, they are also called as liquid investments and these can be used as emergency cash. Investors who will always have a very short term can use these funds. They have a very great stability and who are very close to old ages can make use of these funds. It is considered as one of the most popular Mutual fund investment plans.

Money Market Funds
Money Market Funds

Money market investments are normally for the small companies and all the banks. These are extremely secure and this will be as a replacement for the holding cash. When you need money, you can immediately drop cash.

Bond funds for the strong investors

Bond funds are the ones which are fixed and called as income funds. It invests as a combination of all bills and mortgages. The goal of these funds is mainly to provide regular payment and earn the possibility of all the capital gains.

Types of mutual funds for businesses

Equity funds for different types of equities and they can invest on stocks. Small-cap funds are mostly invested in stock market and they can vary for each type of investor. Mid-cap funds are those which are used by millionaires and they are normally used on businesses. Large cap funds are used as global or international funds and it is specified for certain regions only.

Prepare For SEO analyst interview questions To Get Selected

One of the modern professions in the digital marketing field is that of an analyst or executive in the SEO field. It is a challenging profession that requires you to use your wits, faculties and research skills to get websites to the top of search engines.

Many young aspirants wish to achieve a career in this industry. They possess the abilities and skills but do not know how to attend the interview or what questions to prepare for. Here we have listed out these major interview questions for the job of SEO Analyst that you need to answer wisely to be regarded eligible for the profession.

SEO Analyst
SEO Analyst | Image Resource :

What is SEO as per your understanding?

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the art of ranking websites higher on the search engines like Google , Bing and Yahoo by using different methods, techniques and strategies. Some of the common search engine strategies include:

  • Link Building
  • Content marketing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Right Use of Short Tail and Long Tail Keyword
  • Making website User friendly
SEO Methods
SEO Methods | Image Resource :

What do you understand by black hat SEO and white SEO?

Black hat SEO are unethical SEO techniques that help to rank the website high initially but may cause damage in the long run. White hat SEO methods are acceptable strategies used to rank websites.

  1. What SEO tools do you use?
  2. Some of the commonly used SEO tools are:
  3. Alexa Rank Checker
  4. Smart SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker
  5. Word Counter

What is the role of research skills in the SEO industry?

Good research skills are very important in the SEO industry. You need to understand the right keywords and their use to promote your website and rank it better. Superior ranking means more traffic to your website.

What is keyword stemming?

Finding out the base keyword from which other keywords have evolved is referred to as keyword stemming.

While appearing for a job interview, prepare well. Any qualification can add to your resume further. People who wish to pursue a profession in the SEO field can try and get certification from Google.

Here are some non technical questions that maybe asked during the interview :

  1. Why do you think you lack the knowledge and expertise to become an SEO analyst?
  2. Some additional questions that maybe asked:
  3. Explain spiders, robots, crawlers and the functions of each in SEO?
  4. What is the difference between no Follow and do follow links?
  5. What is cloaking?
  6. What is link farming?
  7. What is Bounce Rate?
  8. What is an SEO Update?
  9. Which was the latest SEO Update?
  10. Which are some of the Successful SEO companies in India and why?
  11. What is the difference between SEO and SMO?
  12. What is Latent Semantic Indexing?
  13. What is the purpose of linking and backlinking in SEO ?

Go well prepared and you are sure to achieve your goal.


What Is the Eligibility for Executive MBA in India?

Today most jobs demand that a person have a management qualification. Those who have taken up jobs in the technical arena will find that they lack in management expertise. They are unable to move up the corporate ladder because they have purely technical skills while the company is in need of professionals who can mix knowledge with managerial abilities to take their company to better growth.

Executive MBA in India | Image Resource :

Eligibility for Executive MBA in India

You can gain access to high paying management jobs by opting for an executive MBA course. It lasts or two years. The main eligibility for executive MBA in India is to join the course is an under graduate degree with a fifty percent mark. The course is in-depth and teaches all that has to be known about management so that you gain skills that can be used in the work place right away. Here is a look at what is taught in an executive MBA course:

  • Various principles of management and how they apply
  • How to put management techniques and practices to optimal use in the work place
  • How to show leadership qualities and motivate subordinate for desire performance
  • How to analyze performance report and take decisions that maximize productivity in the work place
  • How to mitigate risks and bring down operations costs

What is learnt in the executive MBA enables you to manage the various activities that you have to do in the work place? You will be able to take on the challenges that arise in a managerial position and implement decisions that turn around the work place and increase productivity and profits. You will also have to take steps that cut down losses by making decision based on analysis report, which can be done through an executive MBA degree.

The eligibility for executive MBA in India is simple. Those who are already management students in college and have completed their undergraduate degree in this subject can apply for an execute MBA, provided they have a job. This is because an executive MBA has been designed specifically for working professionals and so the course includes concepts that address their skills and abilities.

It is also suitable for those who want to move from other industries into the management side of the work place. For example someone who has been working as a technical assistant in a electric company can apply for a higher paying managerial job with an executive MBA. They can switch over to a better line of work where they can enjoy a high profile work environment.

A executive MBA is suitable for working professionals seeking a means to climb the corporate ladder. After many years of working as a banking officer, a person can move on to be the head of his department with an executive MBA.

With an executive MBA those seeking to gain managerial expertise can do so and become part of the high income earning group. They can enjoy working in an exciting work environment, wherein their skills and innovative thinking is put to the test every day.

A guide to Malvani Food Specialities

Malvan, a coastal region in Konkan has its own distinct way of cooking food. Usually the coastal cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa is called ‘Malvani cuisine’. This cuisine uses coconut in various forms such as grated, dry grated, fried, coconut paste and coconut milk. The end result is delicious aromatic food that is very popular especially with seafood lovers.

For those of you who have never eaten Malvani food, here is a quick guide to some of the most popular specialties. Make sure you try them!

Bombay Duck Fish
Bombay Duck Fish

Kombdi vade or murgh malvani

A great dish – this is a native dish of the Konkan region. The dish consists of traditional chicken curry including chicken pieces and bones, vade (fluffy fried dumplings made from wheat flour or nachni flour), onion, lemon and sol kadhi.

Sol Kadhi

It is a refreshing appetizer drink served at Malvani restaurants. It is made from Kokum fruit, coconut milk flavoured with garlic and cumin. As the Konkani cuisine is spicy this drink gives a soothing effect.

Shark curry (also known as Mori Masala)

It is a highly popular dish along the Konkan coast. Mainly baby shark is used is this dish because of its firm meat. If you love seafood, you must try shark curry.

Malvani mutton curry

This is a popular dish throughout the Konkan region. It is a spicy dish and known for the various traditional spices used in its preparation.

Bombil fry

Bombay duck fish is also known as Bombil. Fresh Bombay duck fish is very delicate and needs gentle handling while frying. The fish is dusted with semolina and crisp fried. Once fried to perfection, it is moist from the inside and crispy on the outside. It is very light on spices and has an amazing taste. Try this dish with steamed rice, dal fry and chutney.

Phanasachi bhaji

A stir fried vegetarian preparation this bhaji is very popular in the Konkan region. It is made from unripe jackfruit chillies, coconut and spices. This often complements bombay duck fish curry.

Kaju Chi Amti

This recipe is made when the cashew season arrives in March. It is made from tender cashews with the typical malvani masala. It is a royal cashew curry made with all rich flavours and creamy texture.

Fish Koliwada

This makes for a mouthwatering appetizer. It a unique style of cooking simple yet flavourful fried fish.


Maharashtrians are familiar with Ghavan. It is a fried pancake and specially popular in the Sindhudurg district. If cooked correctly, it should have a netted appearance. It is soft and delicious. It is served with black tea, coconut ras and spicy usal.


It is a sweet delicacy popular in southern Konkan. It is called ‘Khaproli’ because traditionally it is made on a terracotta frying pan called ‘Khapar’. It is made during Navratri. It consist of a fluffy pancake dipped in yellow sweet juice.

Malvani malpua

It is sweet deep fried delicacy and it is very popular in Maharashtra. Malpuas are simply irresistible and popularly eaten during Ramadan.


Apply For High Paying Jobs With Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing is a wide stream and encompasses various techniques through which a company can effectively promote its products or services. It is the way of the future because it offers results like nothing else. Those who want to enter into the marketing arena or want a break in this field will find doing a course in it to be highly effective. They can immediate get into a high paying jobs where they get to work in promoting products or services of brands from various industries.

Digital Marketing Training | Image Resource :


Benefits Of Digital Marketing Training

A course in digital marketing is a must because it is comprehensive in providing information on how to implement digital marketing techniques without it, learning on the job will be difficult and time consuming. A course will give complete details on how to implement various types of digital marketing techniques in the most effective way. Here is a look at the many digital marketing training benefits:

  • You will learn about the many forms of digital marketing and their effects
  • The digital marketing process is enumerated and taught in detail
  • You will learn how brand can be effectively promoted through various internet marketing channels
  • How to read marketing results and tune the marketing campaign to get better results
  • How to merge traditional marketing methods with digital marketing

Every company is now into digital marketing and promoting their brand through the internet using search engine optimization techniques, social media marketing, pay per click, affiliate marketing and much more. With so many channels for brand promotion, it is no doubt that the results obtained from digital marketing are far better than other marketing means. Hence the demand for digital marketing professionals is like never before.

By completing a digital marketing training course, you become a part of the lucrative digital marketing arena. The course gives in-depth information on various techniques and processes that go into marketing a product through the internet. You will have confidence in initialing and running a marking campaign on your own. He techniques learnt are the latest and you will also know about what to avoid to prevent being penalized by Google and other popular search engines.

Get into the attractive world of internet marketing with digital marketing training. It is a short course and can be completed while you work. With a certification, you will be called by major companies to work in their marketing team and the pay scale is very high.

Nanomaterial Applications: Know The Broad Concept

Nanotechnology is the sign of modern automation and is the main reason behind the success of science in broader extent. In today’s lifestyle, anything and everything, more or less is combined with nanomaterial directly or indirectly. Nano products are versatile and so the utility is wide. The variety types of metal nanoparticles have significant values and their great effectiveness altogether becomes extremely important in the overall improvement of human society.

From biological researches to technical connectivity, everywhere the applications of nanomaterial is successful. According to the requirements and the perfect examinations, the nanomaterial is applied in different plots. This article contains the applicable fields of diverse nanomaterial that are ruling the global biological as well as mechanical fields.

Utilization of nano products for healthcare


It is the thinking of most of the people that nanomaterial brings harmful effect on human body same as the free radicals which is absolutely a misconception. The nanomaterial is health-friendly most of the time and even used in various medical and biological aspects. Here some are listed briefly:

  • For dental implants, nanomaterial is used.
  • For adhering bones, carbon nanomaterial is perfect than others.
  • To estimate the nitric oxide level under blood stream, nano sized materials are perfect.
  • To diagnose many intense diseases, the nanomaterial is the ultimate solution to use.

The environmental zones intact with nano sized materials

Keeping environment fresh and free from affecting radicals, nanomaterial is the best option to go for. Here in the below points some of the applications of various nano sized materials in the environment are listed with short details which are as follows:

  • To clear the oil spills nanomaterial; especially the nanotubes are applied.
  • The plants of osmosis desalination, the membranous nanomaterial is applicable that contains multiple pores. The application of Nano Materials like nano-metallic tubes is extreme in manufacturing industrial as well as in small water purification devices.

Nanomaterial Applications Online | Image Resource :

Application of nano sized materials in the field of electronics


Nano sized materials and the electrical field are connected with each other since the first application of such product in different size and shape. Go through the points below to know the application of nanomaterial in electronics. Just take a look:

  • Latest transistors are manufactured with the nanomaterial.
  • Electrodes are designed and crafted using nanomaterial.

Application of nano sized materials for improving Energy level


Using nanomaterial, the energy can be transformed into different status or can be enhanced or decreased by the level as well by the application of nano products. Check out the points below to know the applications:

  • For crafting money-saving solar cells, nanoparticles are perfectly used.
  • Solar energy is concentrated in nanowires for having resonance effect and utilized later according to the requirements in different fields.
  • Carbon nanoparticles are used as the catalyst due to catalytic properties in specific fuel cells.

That is not all, as the variety of nanomaterial is high so the application is higher accordingly. The nanomaterial is applied in many other industrial fields and makes the products and appliances more efficient eventually.

It Is Time To Make Wedding Remarkable With Awe-Inspiring Arrangements

Wedding Arrangements | Image Resource :

A Catholic wedding is the package of love, affection, imaginary beauty along with ultimate romanticism. Have you started your planning to make the nuptial gorgeous and memorable while holding the tradition along? Then smartly select everything from the invitation card to cake, from the wedding dress to engagement rings and all. Sometimes it becomes tougher to select the perfect stuff from so many options due to overexcitement or inappropriate guidance. Go through the article before you finally move for shopping for the biggest day of your life.

Kick start the shopping with a wonderful wedding card


You may have multiple designs in mind about the invitation card but have you thought about the content apart from the look? Yes, focus on the content along with stunning outer look of the invitation card. Here in the points below, some tips are listed that you can follow to make the card mind blowing for the guests. Just take a look:

  • Choose the artistic font and make the announcement absolutely romantic following traditional phrases.
  • Focus on the background images as well. You can print your pictures as a couple to enhance the vibe.
  • Find the renowned online agency that provides different styles of catholic wedding cards to make the invitation memorable.

You should always remember that simplicity suits the best in the catholic marriages and so, couples and their families go for the sophisticated, sober and supreme quality cards that bring appreciation ultimately. Catholic Wedding Invitations now become more interesting with exclusives themes with appropriate announcement according to the couple’s requirements which all are available with famous online agencies within affordable price charge.
                                          Indian Wedding Planning | Image Resource :

Focus on the cake design to please the guests

A cake is one of the main attractions of a catholic wedding dining. Invitees would really get pleased and would remember your wedding for a long time when the wedding cake becomes the center of attraction for its mesmerizing look along with the mouth-watering taste. Therefore, always place an order after going through the various cake designs online and select the popular merchandising company wisely.

In a catholic marriage, cake plays a significant role that indicates different meanings according to the designs. A wedding cake should be precious by the look that has the power to grab entire outlook towards it. Simple wedding cake ideas, as well as gorgeous multi-tier cake designs, are always available with famous cake bakers. Go for a vanilla or strawberry cake for the wedding and stay away from chocolate cakes, this is always advised by the experts.

Get the rosette flower bouquet cake, the cherry blossoms simple cake, heart crowning cake, ribbon tying cake or lovebird cake as per your wish. You can order the years-old Victorian icing white cake that showcases the social importance as well as the wealth to add the royal beauty.

Thus, follow the simple tips in selecting the best card and cake online and make your catholic wedding a fairytale.

How To Improve English Speaking Skills Quickly In 10 Days?

Ten days and you have to brush up English speaking skill? Definitely, it brings multiple folds on your forehead making huge concern. Do not get puzzled as it can mishmash English speaking power instead of making it sharper. Just have patience and start learning the English speaking skill improving procedure from today onwards.

10 days is really very short duration to enhance English speaking skill but, nothing is impossible. Join in a reputed institute that provides variety types of advantageous courses for bringing the grip of students on the language. It is better to go for the ielts preparation course which is the ultimate solution to improve the skill of English speaking. Along with the course of International English Language Testing System, you supposed to go for the other communicative English learning process choosing online. Interestingly with fun, you can improve the speaking power which amazed you and the others as well.

Select an honest English training agency wisely for 10 days learning

                                                              English Training Agency | Image Resource:

To sharp up, the English speaking skill must join in a well-known English training center selecting your comfortable option. It is better to learn English from online agencies as most of them provide easy yet impactful learning facilities.

Just follow the details listed below and get the best institute from online. Here the tips are:

  • Check out the authorization of the institute which is enough vital.
  • Know the course details and follow whether the center provide ielts course or not.
  • Get the idea about the certification process of the institute even for the shortest period learning like ten days.

Follow some simple ideas and make the English speaking powerfully

English learning within ten days how is it possible? You may think about the question every now and then. But, now you can learn impeccable English and speak with others much better way when some tips are followed accurately.

Here in the below points some interesting guidelines are noted down which if you try continuously then speaking becomes much comfortable within just 10 days. Take a look:

  • Learn the etiquettes of talking the language with others like how to greet people, how to show sorrow, how to express happiness and much more.
  • Simple communicative sentences must be practiced well which easily can be learned within 10 days.
  • Go through the YouTube and listen to every word carefully from the video sharing site. YouTube works as the key to learning smart English within the shortest time.
  • Read continuously alongside to enhance the dictionary and apply the words in your sentences.
  • Give priority to the practice section which is the important part of learning English speaking. Whatever you learn from ielts preparation course and accumulating knowledge from other fields must practice these ten days along with revision.
  • Communicate with yourself every day by speaking English and rectify the problems appropriately. It brings fluency and makes learning worthier.

Therefore, get out the stress of learning English faster and do not be concerned anymore about how to do it. Practice as much as possible within ten days following the tips above and get the best result amazingly.